What are pores?

As TAKAKO MATSUMOTO, former Shiseido Researcher explains, “Pores are the tiny openings in the skin where oil and sweat is released to keep skin naturally moisturized, cool, and healthy.” When your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, dirt, oil, or makeup, that’s what causes acne. So you want to keep your pores clean.

How can I make my pores appear smaller?

While it’s not possible to actually physically make your pores smaller, you can make them look smaller.

The first step is cleaning your skin of all the things that potentially clog pores. (Dust, dirt, oil, dead skin cells, etc). Proper cleansing and steaming, exfoliation, and occasional professional facials can minimize the appearance of pores.

Shield from the SUN

Strong UV is THE ENEMY to your skin. The sun plays a big part in how big your pores become because UV rays tear up the collagen in your skin. A daily SPF can prevent structural skin damage before it happens.

Going to bed without cleansing your skin is like leaving a dust cloth on your face while you’re asleep! Vacuum your skin!! ‘Double cleanse’ is ideal, where you use a makeup wipe to remove impurities on the surface and then apply a cleanser to take out deeper. Steam can help to open pores and release impurities while softening the skin, that’s why bathing is SO important!

Make exfoliation a part of every skincare routine (2-3 times a week). Always exfoliate with steam. The shower or bath is a great place.

Primer might be one of those products that you think you can do without or never really understood the purpose of. But this is an instant fix with a pore-minimizing primer. It’s basically a blur cream! Using a primer is another great way to minimize the appearance of pores. Primers sit on the surface of the skin and create a barrier between skin and makeup. Primers prevent makeup from sinking into your pores and create more of an even skin tone.

Professional Facials
A professional facial treats your skin to a deep pore cleansing that you simply can’t achieve with every day cleansing. Regular, professional extractions will help keep skin clear and prevent scarring in the long run. Kate recommends getting a facial every 4-6 weeks for maintenance.

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