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June 2017



Attention Tea lovers!

That’s me. We went to the Melbourne Tea Festival which is a market of local Australian tea vendors and makers. It was exciting to see so many tea lovers gather together since Melbourne is such a coffee-dominated city. There were so many stalls with Tea by Local Makers. The festival reminded me of the tea’s role in our daily lives. I absolutely loved all the Herb Tea Collections which will help you calm and relax from a chaotic day. Isn’t God’s creation amazing, that He thought of TEA knowing that we will be using PLANTS that grows from the ground to drink, to help us control stress and anxiety. If you think about it, it’s pretty amazing.

There were few Japanese Tea booths too which was pretty cool! Hipster Style – making Japanese Tea like brewing coffee. (Not how we actually do it in Japan haha..)

And finally, my favourite “tea” from the entire festival. Apple Cider. (That’s not tea!!)