I must say that I enjoy preparing for the party, almost more fun than being in the party itself.  Why not make preparing as fun as the big event, with charming twists and personal touches designed to surprise and delight.

I love these Melbourne apartment parties that form a snippet of long conversations.

I love collecting bone china and old silver from the second-hand stores. Mix them up with modern finds from the mall. Cupcake stands in varying heights create visual interest and instantly make even the plainest biscuit look delightful. Set your candles randomly here and there, which will make it way more enchanting.

Get your teacups and bone china out and create a Tea Bar. Keep your boiled hot water in the silver pot and let your guest chose which tea they want to go for.

If space is tight (like ours), host a buffet or cocktail party instead of a seated dinner. If you’re set on a proper meal, seat guests on the couch, pretty floor cushions around the coffee table and serve food that doesn’t need to be cut. Very important!

Put on your favorite classic movie with no sound, (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Gone with the wind, Singing in the rain etc..) and put on some relaxing music to set the mood.

Last but not least, FLOWERS! Flowers everywhere!! It will definitely punch up the festive atmosphere!

sources: all in good taste/kate spade new york

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