It got SO cold in Melbourne all of the sudden! It’s finally time to face the “Fall”.

So many around me are catching the sniffles in the mids but what is the first thing you do when you catch a cold?

If you are like me – we stay in our pajamas, curl up with some ginger tea and press play on Netflix.

But I recently read in the newspaper that if you want to kickstart your recovery, we shouldn’t spend too long in the lounge.

While it is important to give yourself a few days to rest and recover, too long can result in what’s called the “pajama paralysis”.

Professor Jane Cummings from the UK’s National Health Service explains that “Wearing pajamas reinforces feeling unwell, and can prevent a speedy recovery.” She even launched a campaign to end pajama paralysis with hospital patients. And they say that the idea is based on science.

A large UK study found that hospital patients who traded pajamas for regular clothes collectively shaved 91,728 days off the duration of their stay.

With flu season approaching in Melbourne, this trick might be worth trying. During the flu, your body temperature takes about three days to return to normal, so keep your wool socks on to stay cozy, and drink lots and lots of water!!!



source: The Sunday Times

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