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August 2017



How to decorate your Tea Party with just a little bit of Wrapping Paper, Flowers & Easy Snacks from the Supermarket.

I want to share some easy great table decor tips that were done by the Founder of “Dodo no Sora”, Chef & Cooking Specialist, who is also my mother, Takako Matsumoto.

The Table Decor


Even if you don’t have a wide big table cloth, that’s okay! All you need is some wrapping paper from your left over Christmas gifts! Cut out the wrapping paper in a shape and size you like, and lay it out in the center of the table. This is the foundation of your center piece.

Next, the flowers! You don’t need lots of lots go flowers to make it look pretty. Look at all those hipster cafes in Melbourne! They buy 1 bouquet of flowers, tear them apart, put bits and pieces in tiny bottles and spread them out the entire store. Do the same for your table!

The drinks. Don’t put the soda juice bottles on the table as it is! Pour them in a nice jar with Mint & fruit. Make it look fancy with just a little bit of touch!

Snacks. All you need to do it get some crackers, fruit, and pastry and lay them out on a wood board, cake stands, and beautiful china.

At this Tea Party, I had Takako cook us some fruit spring rolls and cake salé.

Thank you for the beautiful time Takako!