A Tale of Summer Family Survival

Summer Seasons Shenanigans: A Tale of Family Survival

Who knew summers could be this crazy?

My husband’s busy seasons at work always seem to align with the hottest time of the year. I mean, since the day I said “yes,” it’s been a wild ride! With countless shoots and business trips, he’s practically become a professional jet-setter.


The “Away Daddy” Nightmare:

When I moved to my fiancé’s city Melbourne, during our engagement, little did I know what I was in for. Being away from my family and friends wasn’t the worst part—waiting for my husband to come home from his escapades felt like waiting for a unicorn in an empty apartment. And now, even though I am no longer home alone, I was left with “single-parenting training” boot camp.


Drama with a capital “D”:

Last year, our little bundle of joy, who’s now a four-year-old dynamo, had her soap opera titled “Away Daddy.” She’d wake up at ungodly hours, screaming like a banshee, convinced she had the world’s scariest nightmares. The poor girl was desperately missing her daddy, and her bedtime cries could rival a full-blown opera performance. We’ve had more drama in our living room than an entire season of a reality TV show!


Operation Summer Survival:

This year, I decided to unleash Operation Summer Survival – my secret weapon to tackle the chaos with a sense of humor! Armed with Disneyland trips, hotel getaways, spa dates, and home theater extravaganzas, I became a one-woman circus. Oh, and let’s not forget the incredible invitations to my friend’s homes for dinner and bathtime shenanigans! Seriously, friends are heaven-sent and save the day like superheroes in disguise.




Wobbly Balancing Act:

Sure, I admit it, being a working mom during the summertime crazy-fest can make you feel like a juggling clown especially when you’re sick while being a solo parent. My fuse might have been shorter than a hobbit, but my daughter’s infectious giggles and snuggles can melt away any grumpy mood. She’s like a little sunshine, lighting up the house with her smiles, and I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything in the world.


Calling for My “Business” Trip:

Now, here comes the twist! In the middle of all this, I find myself daydreaming about having my very own “business” trip. A chance to escape, to wander, to recharge, and maybe, just maybe, sleep in until noon. You know, a grown-up’s version of a playground. Who says moms can’t have their adventures?


Summer seasons may be busy and challenging, but they also present us with opportunities to learn and grow. Being apart from my husband has taught me to be resilient, resourceful, and appreciative of the little joys of motherhood. And I really miss my man, I mean REALLY. He does so much in the home and he’s really an amazing Dad. But my daughter’s unwavering love and support from friends have been the pillars of strength during these times. While I look forward to my own adventure in the future, I cherish every moment I spend with my family and acknowledge that these experiences shape us as individuals and strengthen our bond as a family.


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