How to Celebrate Father’s Day in the Midst of the COVID world

On a normal Father’s Day, you might celebrate your Dad with a meal at a restaurant, tickets to a baseball game, or a trip to a theme park, but this year, things are different due to the Corona disaster. Although the state of emergency has been lifted in some places in the world, many local businesses are still not open for business, making it difficult to do everyday things like having brunch at your favorite restaurant or going to the nearby movie theater on Father’s Day. Still, we want to celebrate with our fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, and other loved ones!

If you are already living at home with your father, why don’t you think of ways to make your holidays at home more festive while maintaining your social distance?

And if you can’t spend Father’s Day together, consider virtual ways to enjoy it even when you’re physically apart. Either way, these ideas will help them feel loved and appreciated.

1. Cook a special hearty brunch

Start your father’s day with a feast fit for a king, such as scrambled eggs, bacon, fruit, and an assortment of waffles. Don’t forget the morning coffee!

2. Plan a family game night

If your dad is worried about screen time, give him some family bonding time this Father’s Day. Once you’ve convinced everyone to step away from the screen, play a board game or see how well they can work together on a complex jigsaw puzzle. Let your father choose which game to start with.

3. Win your father’s heart with sweets

The only thing sweeter than your relationship with your father is the cake you make for Father’s Day. Find a flavor that suits your father’s taste and decorate it according to his interests.

4. Look back at the greatest games in sports history

Like any other event, most sporting events are on hold for the time being. However, if your dad is the type of guy who sits in front of the TV on Father’s Day to watch his team, why not find out the best games and enjoy a marathon all day long? Make sure to end the marathon with a win for your dad.

5. Pitch a tent in the backyard

Especially if your kids are too young to spend the night at a campsite, why not pitch a tent in your backyard and have a similar experience? It’s a win-win for everyone, as you can enjoy the fun of camping with ghost stories, bonfires, and sleeping bags, but also have the whole family inside if it gets too cold and uncomfortable outside.

I know this new COVID normal is extremely frustrating for so many of us. But that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate your Father. I hope we can make it special as much as we can and one day look back and laugh about it all. Cheering for all of you Fathers from down under!

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